Symptoms of Perimenopause

Mood swings and emotional instability – feeling way more sensitive to things that never fazed you before

Unexplained extra weight that doesn’t seem to be affected by exercise

Feeling blah or reclusive – less inclined to be a joiner, even in your usual favorite social settings

Chronic low energy


Ireegular periods or heavy or low periods

Digestive problems

Moderate to extreme difficulty sleeping

Inconvenient, uncomfortable, disruptive night sweats

Less patience for your children, or changes in your willingness to accommodate others in your life

Unpredictable menstrual periods

A lack of enthusiasm for sex or a continuous low appitite for sex

Brain fog or trouble focusing

Sudden forgetfulness, such as walking into a room and forgetting why you came

Pain in the foot

Sadness, strong feeling to cry, or just crying for reasons you don’t understand

Does this describe you?


There are over 50 more symptoms of Peri menopause.


Joan Fanus

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