joan Joan Fanus is Menopause Mentor, Coach and Trainer who has set up the UK’s first, one-to-one bespoke Menopause Mentoring program; offering practical, strategic advice and techniques to help provide much needed support for women to manage menopause.

An Education Practitioner, with over 30 years’ teaching and coaching experience and her own personal experience with menopause and near death experience during perimenopause as a result of hormonal issues during pregnancy. Joan offers a life-line for real people struggling to cope with the often stressful and emotional circumstances that occur as a result of  menopause.

Using a range of practical strategies and techniques, Joan aims to educate and inform clients on how to cope better with their own personal situations and emotions, delivering a range of tools and techniques that her clients can implement in their daily lives – tailored to their own personal circumstances.

Menopause is something that most women hope that they will never have to experience, but sadly with over 40% of women between the ages of 45 to 60 in the UK, it is a situation many women find themselves facing daily as they hit perimenopause and menopause.

During perimenopause Joan became frustrated with the lack of practical help and support available to help understand what was happening to her and how to cope with the day to day issues that arose.

Joan is an approachable and empathetic coach and mentor, who believes firmly that menopause is not a disease and you should not suffer in silence and it is doesn’t have to mean the end of your world. Joan works with clients to steer them through the process, helping to avoid common pitfalls, plan for the hormonal implications of menopause, nutrition, detoxification as well as manage the emotional impact it has on you, to help them feel healthy, hormonally balanced and happy.

Joan’s personal and interactive approach provides a supportive environment that is simple to follow and implement daily.

Joan’s aim is to change the stigma associated with Menopause in the UK. She wants to encourage women to ask for help, and empower them with the skills to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Joan is now embarking on a number of new projects, including writing her first book which is due to be published next year, as well as launching the next in a series of  seminars, so lots of exciting times ahead for Joan.


BSC Sociology with Psychology

Graduate Dip Psychology

Level 5 Human Resource Development (MCIPD)

My Story

My interest in Menopause Mentoring began in 2006 when I had been suffering with hormonal imbalances and my GP did not diagnose the problem correctly.

In my 30’s I was stressed, frazzled and premenstrual all the time. The ‘solution’, according to my doctor, was apparently birth control pills and anti-depressants, but that just didn’t click. My miscarriage convinced me my body was not working properly, the hormone imbalance gearing up to rule the rest of my life if I, not the chemicals in the prescriptions, took control.

Before the surgery, I felt I was suffocating and later my doctor confirmed that this could have cost my life if I did not make the move to visit the hospital on time. Moreover, during surgery, I almost died because the doctor punctured my cervix and I was left to haemorrhage. Luckily, the universe was on my side and willed me to be a survivor.

I suffered, in particular, from very low progesterone which plays a vital role in fertility, which directly resulted in my physically and emotionally painful miscarriage.  My doctor offered me HRT; I declined and set about finding a way to relieve my menopausal symptoms and regain control over my life. I now have more energy, sleep better and I don’t do stress. The real solution is not rocket science, it’s not a lack of willpower or something that you’re doing wrong; it’s that your hormones are out of whack. Dr Sara Gottfried with 25 years of treating the causes of hormone imbalance and the methods of regulating its effects shows it is the way you eat, move, think, and supplement.

Tired of the countless GP and consultant visits, which only resulted in invasive and painful treatments with no long-term benefit, I decided to visit a Yoga and Massage Therapist as a last resort. It was the best decision I ever made.

I must acknowledge that I did not follow all of her recommendations at first. She gave me a book to read, entitled, ‘The Hormone Cure’ by Dr. Sara Gottfried. I did not read the book for quite a while, until I was fed up the headaches upon waking up every morning. One morning the book caught attention and I began to read. The more I read the more my thirst and hunger for knowledge in balancing hormones and menopause mastery increased. I enrolled on her programmes and read many books on menopause by other authors. I embarked on a journey to heal myself. I went to my GP and requested a test for various hormones. At first he was reluctant to do it, but I insisted and he made the necessary arrangements to test various hormones.

Regularly I keep abreast with scientific research as it continues to evolve and I also attend seminars and conferences given by leading speakers in Nutritional Therapy, all of which helps me to provide the best advice.

My passion in this area is endless and I want to use my passion, experience and knowledge to help women take control of their menopause and improve their lives.