Menopause Mentor

menopause - take control

Take Control. Take responsibility for your hormones as you optimise your knowledge.

The real solution is not rocket science. The real problem is not a lack of willpower or something that you’re doing wrong; it’s that your hormones are out of whack.

One thing YOU can do to reset your hormones – 30 Days to a New You.

Joan provides

a range of tools and techniques that clients can implement in their daily lives – tailored to their own personal circumstances.

Declining oestrogen levels wreak hormonal havoc that can cause night sweats, and that is a formula for sleepless nights. Sleep deprivation produces increased levels of ghrelin – the hunger hormone – and decreased levels of leptin – the “stop eating” hormone. 

Joan offers

a life-line for real people struggling to cope with the often stressful and emotional circumstances that occur as a result of  menopause

What Joan Will Do For You

There is something that you can do to help yourself right now:

Joan Fanus

Joan Fanus is a Menopause Mentor,  Wellness Coach and Trainer who has set up the UK’s first, one-to-one bespoke Menopause Mentoring programme; offering practical, strategic advice and techniques to help provide much needed support for women to manage menopause.

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